Can I use Nested Pages with other post types?
As of version 1.3.0, Nested Pages is available to use with any enabled post type. Visit Settings > Nested Pages > Post Types to customize each post type’s settings.

How do I access the WordPress “Pages” screen?
Click the “Default Pages” link in the page subnav or on the Nested Pages screen.

How do I save the order I create?
Page sorting and nesting is saved in the background after changes are made to the structure.

How do I edit in bulk?
Bulk quick edits are not currently supported by Nested Pages. To edit in bulk, select “Default Pages” to use the native interface.

What about custom columns?
Custom columns are not currently supported by Nested Pages. To view custom columns, click on “Default Pages” to view the native interface. If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast, a page analysis indicator is shown.

It’d be great if Nested Pages did (fill in the blank)!
Have a feature request or idea? Submit your idea with the support form, post a message in the WordPress support forum, or submit an issue on Github.

How can I donate to this plugin?
If you would really like to donate to this plugin, please leave a nice review on the WordPress plugin page. Higher reviews and ratings give potential users confidence that the plugin will meet their expectations. I am not accepting monetary donations or payments at this time.

How can I submit a translation?
To submit a translation, send a support request using the form on this site, or submit a pull request via Github. For the latest plugin POT file, please download from the GitHub repository. Translations will be included with the next plugin release, and of course, all translators will be accredited.